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Tropical Futurism Envisions the Climate of Our Fate

Futurism has failed. It’s time for an alternative. In the era of climate change, tropical futurism reimagines a different relationship to the earth. 

If AI Is Predicting Your Future, Are You Still Free?

Part of being human is being able to defy the odds. Algorithmic prophecies undermine that.

The History of Predicting the Future

Humans have long tried to determine the shape of what’s to come. But even the most advanced technology can’t solve the fundamental issues with predictions.

Why Humans Are So Bad at Seeing the Future

People tend to make predictions while looking through their own narrow lens. The real vision lies in seeing connections.

How Afrofuturism Can Help the World Mend

In a year that's broken the world and shattered reality, imagining Black futures can help plot a pathway to recovery.

A Dystopian Vision of the Future: Toxic but Candy Sweet

Photographer Fernando Montiel Klint imagines a world where technology has gone amok.

Big-Box Bots, a Better Blockchain, and More WIRED Predictions

You're not working in VR or watching robotrucks rumble down the highway yet. But the future is coming, and we should be ready.

Lessons From 1939 and the Quest for Our Next Utopia

What the New York World's Fair and Futurama tell us about how to get where we're going next.

Soonish: The Future Is Weird and Scary and Also Hilarious

In their new book, scientist Kelly Weinersmith and SMBC cartoonist Zach Weinersmith give a wild glimpse into a future that may or may not involve space elevators and brain-computer interfaces.

What Matters Most in 2017

We set about explaining the big ideas that will shape the year ahead.

The AI Takeover Is Coming. Let’s Embrace It.

Yes, millions of low-paying, low-skilled jobs are increasingly at risk. But there’s also much to gain from the coming AI revolution.