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Browser Games

What to Play When You’re Not Playing Wordle

Once a day may not be enough. Try these 14 alternatives.

Piepacker Gives Retro Games an Online Co-Op Upgrade

Play old-school titles and video chat with up to three friends in the same browser—for free.

Why Do Exploding Barrels Make Video Games So Much More Fun?

Elemental reactions, like shooting a dynamite-filled barrel or using an ice spell to cross a stream, are an important way for designers to bring worlds to life.

Enhance Your Day With the Perfect Workplace Distraction

Finally, you can live out your procedural crime drama fantasies—thanks to Nicole He.

The Story of Arc Symphony, a Game About a Game That Doesn’t Exist

Part game, part viral marketing, the brief interactive fiction examines how stories reshape the world around us.

Flappy Bird Is Dead. Get Your Fix With These 8 Knockoffs

Some fascinating, subversive, and downright hilarious Flappy Bird-inspired games have come into existence. Our favorites, that you can play in a browser.

Sesame Street Fighter: Punching and Learning, Together at Last

It's fun to think about a mashup of Sesame Street and Street Fighter, with Elmo's face on M. Bison's head, but what sort of game would that even be?

Browser Game SUPERHOT Destroys the Boundaries of Time

In the free-to-play, browser-based shooter SUPERHOT, time only moves when you do.

Play Minecraft Creator's New Typing Game Right Now

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson revealed a new free-to-play game for browsers, a simple typing game called Drop.

Random House Dabbles in Interactive Fiction With Free-to-Play Game

Random House, the world’s biggest book publisher, is dipping its toes into the wild world of interactive fiction.

The Best Amendment Indie Game Takes On the NRA

The Best Amendment, a satirical PC game, aims to shoot a few holes in the NRA's argument that "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Winter Is Coming to Facebook With Game of Thrones Ascent

Ready your enchanted browser tabs and equip your clicking hand with your sturdiest gauntlets, Game of Thrones fans. Westeros just got social.

Hey, You Got Skrillex in My Zelda

What do you get when you combine Legend of Zelda with dubstep DJ Skrillex?

48-Hour Adventure Time 'Jam' Produces 100 Weird, Weird Games

From September 14-17, nearly 700 game designers participated in “The Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy,” an online “game jam” organized by indie developers in Texas and officially blessed by the show’s creators.

FarmVille 2 Ain't No Game, It's the Ultimate Perpetual-Motion Money Machine

In FarmVille 2, almost every element in the game is carefully designed to either keep players addicted, encourage them to spend real-world money or get them to invite their Facebook friends to install the app, too. The game works tirelessly to either monetize its users or expand its player base, which then feeds the game more players who can be further monetized.

What the Heck Is Homestuck, And How'd It Get $750K on Kickstarter?

Homestuck is a book/webcomic/Flash animation/video game hybrid, all created by one man named Andrew Hussie. Fans helped him meet his $700,000 goal within just one day to Kickstart a videogame version.

Prettified FarmVille 2 Is Ready to Monetize You

On Wednesday, Zynga launched its bid to recapture the original FarmVille magic with the release of FarmVille 2, which upgrades the game's visual look with polygonal 3-D graphics.

My Horse Is Immortal: 'Free-to-Play' Is Killing Death in Gaming

Death is a feature all but absent from modern virtual pets, the vast majority of which exist as smartphone apps or Facebook games. Despite the well-established precedent that "death equals devotion," modern developers file the feature under "dangerous: do not use."

CourtVille: Why Unclear Laws Put EA v. Zynga Up for Grabs

Both game industry giants claim the legal high ground, but who actually has it? To hear some experts in gaming law tell it, nobody really knows. And if EA v. Zynga makes it all the way to court, the judgment that gets handed down could have a huge impact on the game industry.

Super Mario Crossover Maker Kickstarts Original Retro-Style Game

The guy behind Flash game hit Super Mario Bros. Crossover is now creating an original game, and he's using Kickstarter to fund it.

Create and Share Your Own Browser Games With Gameglobe

I was impressed by Gameglobe's level creation tools, and I have no doubt that users are going to pile on and fill the game with great content, but by far the smartest thing it does is made possible thanks to the fact that it's a browser game.

Browser Game: Sprite x Xevious, The Lymon-Flavored Shooter

The arcade classic Xevious is now playable online at no cost, thanks to a Japanese campaign for Sprite.

Parameters Shaves RPG Gameplay to Its Barest Form

By ditching everything but the essential elements of an RPG, Parameters plays like a commentary on the RPG genre.

Perfect Strangers Flash Game Is 70 Seconds of Bizarre Nostalgia

Put aside whatever you're doing for the next three minutes and play this ridiculous Flash game based on the once-popular television sitcom Perfect Strangers.