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Lily Hay Newman head shot - Wired

Lily Hay Newman

Senior Writer

Lily Hay Newman is a senior writer at WIRED focused on information security, digital privacy, and hacking. She previously worked as a technology reporter at Slate magazine and was the staff writer for Future Tense, a publication and project of Slate, the New America Foundation, and Arizona State University. Additionally her work has appeared in Gizmodo, Fast Company, IEEE Spectrum, and Popular Mechanics. She lives in New York City.

Safari Flaws Exposed Webcams, Online Accounts, and More

Apple awarded a $100,500 bug bounty to the researcher who discovered the latest major vulnerability in its browser. Finally Admits It Lost $30 Million in a Hack

Plus: Scammer arrests, the NSA plays defense, and more of the week's top security news.

‘Zero-Click’ Zoom Vulnerabilities Could Have Exposed Calls

The flaws are now fixed, but they speak to the growing concerns around interactionless attacks.

Russia Takes Down REvil Hackers—as Ukraine Tensions Mount

Over a dozen alleged members of the notorious ransomware group have been arrested, but the Kremlin's critics are wary of the underlying motivation.

NSO Group Spyware Targeted Dozens of Reporters in El Salvador

The newly disclosed campaign shows how little the company has done to curb abuses of its powerful surveillance tools.

How to Read Your iOS 15 App Privacy Report

Your iPhone now gives you lots of transparency into what your downloads are up to. Here's what to look out for.

The Future of Tech Is Here. Congress Isn't Ready for It

In a conversation with WIRED, former representative Will Hurd talked AI, the metaverse, China, and how ill-prepared legislators are to grapple with any of it. 

Hackers Are Exploiting a Flaw Microsoft Fixed 9 Years Ago

Unless you go out of your way to install the patch, your system could be exposed.

The Worst Hacks of 2021

It was a year of ransomware, surveillance, data breaches, and yes, more ransomware. 

Buckle Up for More Log4j Madness

Plus: An alleged spy, a ransomware arrest, and more of the week's top security news.

Meta Ousts 7 Surveillance-for-Hire Operations From Its Platforms

While NSO Group gets most of the attention, the takedowns underscore how insidious the industry has become.

Google Warns That NSO Hacking Is On Par With Elite Spy Groups

ForcedEntry is “one of the most technically sophisticated exploits” Project Zero security researchers have ever seen.

The Log4J Vulnerability Will Haunt the Internet for Years

Hundreds of millions of devices are likely affected.

US Wins Appeal to Extradite Julian Assange

Plus: Bluetooth security, a Brazil hack, and more of the week's top security news.

‘The Internet Is on Fire’

A vulnerability in the Log4j logging framework has security teams scrambling to put in a fix.

A Year After SolarWinds, Supply Chain Threats Still Loom

The Russia-led campaign was a wake-up call to the industry, but there's no one solution to the threat.

NSO Group Spyware Hits at Least 9 US State Department Phones

The incident lays bare how hollow the surveillance company’s reassurances about the limits of its hacking tools have always been.

Facebook Will Force More At-Risk Accounts to Use Two-Factor

The platform joins Google and others in requiring stronger protections for its most vulnerable users.

What Is a Watering Hole Attack?

It's a technique that can hit thousands of victims—through no fault of their own.

The Pentagon Has Set Up a UFO Office

Plus: An Apple lawsuit, a GoDaddy breach, and more of the week's top security news.